Krystle Parker with Simon Rutten and Clare Ferguson
Press Release

Verve’s newest shareholder, Krystle Parker

It is with great pleasure Verve Partners announce Krystle Parker as a shareholder and partner in the business, effective from 1st September 2022.

It is with great pleasure Verve Partners announce Krystle Parker as a shareholder and partner in the business, effective from 1st September 2022.

In her new appointment alongside founder Clare Ferguson and Business Director Simon Rutten, Krystle Parker will play an integral role in VP’s expansion along the eastern seaboard of Australia. This is VP’s second shareholder appointment in two years and one that finalises the directorship of the business.

VP leadership team including Krystle Parker

A strong leadership team

Simon Rutten, who was announced VP shareholder in 2021, says he feels fortunate to have such a strong leadership structure finalised.

“Clare and I are honoured to have Krystle as a partner in the business. It’s about bringing three people to the table, each with a unique perspective and strength. For Krystle, she brings cultural drive, mobilising the wider VP team to reach incredible milestones under her management.”

“Krystle is an invaluable asset as we look to strategically expand our footprint.”

Krystle made an immediate impact when she joined VP in 2020. With 14 years of industry experience, she’s solidified the team in its continuous growth and expansion and diversified VP’s recruitment offering.

Co-founder, Clare Ferguson, believes Krystle’s unique approach to management has helped to attract new highly skilled talent to the business.

“The staff who have joined VP since Krystle started as our Consultant Team Leader in 2020 are a testament to the pull she has. Many have left tier-one recruitment firms, enticed by the prospect of working with an inspiring leader who values their contributions and motivates them to achieve milestones and then surpass them again.”

Clare credits Krystle as being integral in transforming the culture of the business over the last two years, seeing the business through the pandemic.

“We are known as a business that leads in elevating our industry standards and services. Krystle has been a driving force in this. She isn’t scared to take a risk and challenge how the industry can change, grow, and evolve.”

“With Krystle, she challenges the status quo, thinks outside of the square, and continuously assesses how we can improve our service offering, diversify or differentiate. She does this so well; we won’t ever run the risk of being stagnant or reactive.”

Krystle Parker and leadership team

Looking to the future

With the leadership team solidified, Clare feels the team are on firm ground to make huge strides in the future.

“I feel very fortunate to have such a powerful leadership team alongside Krystle and Simon. We have exciting plans for the future that we can’t wait to roll out.”

Krystle is thrilled to become a shareholder and excited by the business’ growth plan over the next five years.

“Since joining VP in 2020, I’ve seen it go from strength to strength, undeterred by change. It’s a standout agency and one that’s quite unique. It can respond to market changes, build on and improve industry standards, all while remaining true to its core values.”

“I’m privileged to work in partnership with two of the industry’s elite professionals: Clare and Simon. It’s an incredible opportunity to be on this journey together, surrounded by an amazing team.”

With an earned reputation in the region, Krystle Parker is excited for what’s to come. 

“We have an ambitious growth trajectory and I’m excited for what’s ahead. Just last week we announced the new HR Consultancy arm to our business, and in the background, we are working on a few game-changing moves. Watch this space.”


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