About us

Our specialists are reimagining recruitment in Newcastle and beyond. We don’t just fill seats; we help grow vibrant careers and workplaces.

Clare Ferguson and Simon Rutten

Spreading vibrancy; changing lives

We’re an energetic team of specialist consultants reimagining recruitment nationwide. With over 170 years of experience between us, we’ve found the sweet spot in talent search – and we want to share it.

By taking the time to get to know our clients and candidates, we don’t just find the right fit; we deliver a culture add. We match people that not only align with a business now but who bring fresh skills and ideas for a brighter future.

We’re big advocators for diversity and inclusion, something that’s a key part of our success. When different but in-sync groups of people come together, good sparks fly, and careers and businesses flourish.

This unique approach takes us beyond great recruitment. Through our work and passion, we help grow vibrant careers, cultures and communities – and are positively changing lives every day.

Verve | Noun — Vigour and spirit or enthusiasm. Similar to vivacity, energy and vitality.

Meet your go-to recruitment team

Our tight-knit recruitment family | Newcastle

Our business is not just about right fit; it’s about culture-add. So, it goes without saying that our people here at Verve Partners Newcastle have been carefully picked to bring passion, vibrancy and fresh specialisms to our team. Together, we make recruitment dreams come true!

Get to know Verve: Clare Ferguson, Simon Rutten, Melanie Silburn, Mel Evans, Lotte Baker, Nicola McKenzie, Carla Hiles, Ashleigh Wangmann, Alex Nicolaidis, Jodi O'Connor and Beck Chisholm

Every part of our success is down to people. And it all begins with a conversation.

Our difference makes the difference


We love what we do, and this shines through. It’s a vitality that drives us to think and go beyond for our clients and candidates.


We know every person and workplace is unique, and it’s something we celebrate. We connect the dots so that everyone belongs.


Our work fulfils us. We enjoy supporting people, culture and the community in a way that inspires positive change.


We want to do better and be better. This means always setting higher expectations of ourselves, each other, and our industry.


What other P is there?! It represents the fun we have, transcending differences to create bonds and build resilience.