We love supporting local charities and causes where we can see the difference. By giving back, we help grow vibrant communities.

Verve Community Jodi O'Connor, Clare Ferguson and Alex Nicolaidis

Creating connections beyond recruitment

We want the vibrancy we create in careers and workplaces to spread even further. That’s why we commit a percentage of our fees each month to support charities and causes that align with our values.

We don’t just donate to be seen as one of the best recruitment agencies in Newcastle, the NSW region, and Australia-wide. We love our cities, regions and beautiful country and want to do our part to build connections and positively change lives.

Verve Community Mel Evans and Lotte Baker

Each dollar we donate or cause we support has a ripple effect.
— $61,618 dollars donated
— 63 causes supported

“We love to connect with our causes. It can be really powerful and emotional.”

Our wellness committee

Wellness isn’t just a word we bandy around. We have a dedicated wellness committee run by employees whose job is to inspire us to live healthier and more vibrant lives.

The committee takes the time to understand what our team needs and wants, seeking feedback and running polls. They then meet monthly to discuss strategy and plan culture-aligning activities that boost our mental and physical wellbeing.

Verve Community with Simon Rutten, Ashleigh Wangmann and Beck Chisholm


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