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Whether you’re seeking exceptional candidates or ready for a positive career move, we dig deep to get to know you, so everything clicks.

Recruitment agency, Newcastle + Wollongong
Recruitment agency, Newcastle + Wollongong

We’re a leading specialist recruitment agency in Newcastle and the NSW region. Our presence is also growing rapidly Australia-wide.

Find the right people

We take the time to really get to know you so we can connect and secure the right talent to grow your business. It’s not just about how they look on paper but how they’ll fit into your workplace culture. We also offer specialist packages and services to support you.

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Clare Ferguson and Simon Rutten finding the right people
Find a role you love with Ashleigh Wangmann and Beck Chisholm

Find a role you love

Whether you’re just starting out, want to advance or pivot, are relocating, or aren’t happy in your current job, we’ll find a role and workplace culture where you fit right in. To do this, we dig deep to understand you and your values and make good use of our extensive business network. Get ready to love every day!

Permanent | Temporary | Contract*

Our industry specialties

Specialist recruitment is our speciality – it means we know our stuff.

Know an exceptional candidate?

We’re on a mission to match great people with outstanding opportunities. Refer them to us, and you can qualify for a Visa gift card up to the value of $250.

“Simon’s commitment to ensuring a positive outcome for everyone is a credit to himself and the team.”

Tim McGilchrist, Candidate

Meet your go-to recruitment team

Our tight-knit recruitment family | Newcastle

Our business is not just about right fit; it’s about culture-add. So, it goes without saying that our people here at Verve Partners Newcastle have been carefully picked to bring passion, vibrancy and fresh specialisms to our team. Together, we make recruitment dreams come true!

Team Verve: Clare Ferguson, Simon Rutten, Melanie Silburn, Mel Evans, Lotte Baker, Nicola McKenzie, Carla Hiles, Ashleigh Wangmann, Alex Nicolaidis, Jodi O'Connor and Beck Chisholm


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