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A constructive culture and happy people are crucial to business success. We’ll help you transform and be more human.

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Coaching, advice, tools and support

We don’t just find the right people for the right role; we also offer HR consulting. Enhance your self-awareness and benefit from human-focused coaching, advice, tools and support. Are you ready for a vibrant, diverse workplace where leaders inspire, teams collaborate, employees smile, and success comes naturally?

Our HR Consulting Services

Our humans are the only true competitive advantage we have. All other systems and processes can be copied. Looking after and investing in your people is not only wise but necessary. Our people and culture offering has five key areas.

As your business grows, the need for HR support becomes evident. While you may be able to afford a full-time HR consultant, you can undertake HR projects on a prioritised case-by-case basis. Some of the range of projects we can help you with include:

Reference Checks | Employee Background Checks | Recruitment | CV Writing | Career Transition | Psychometric Assessments | Orientation + Induction | Performance Appraisals | Job Descriptions | Employment Contracts | Exit Interviews | Termination Processes | HRIS | Industrial Relations | Workplace Mediations

Our memberships are a convenient way to meet all of your organisation’s HR needs. Very often, businesses are big enough for HR issues but not big enough for a full-time HR person. Outsourcing is efficient and cost-effective. We offer tiered access to all of our consulting and project services.

Silver: 10 hours per month
Gold: Up to 15 hours per month
Platinum: Up to 20 hours per month

Organisations are made of humans and systems. How the two interact matters. Our OD support services can help with conflict, leadership development, executive coaching, team building and 360-degree assessments. All enhance people productivity, support mental and physical wellbeing and ensure they meet market challenges.

The quality of your leadership is directly related to the success of your business. Many individuals choose not to learn leadership skills at university but need to know how to be great leaders and what the latest thinking and research is in this space.

Our Leadership Hive offers services to upskill, change and develop your leaders.

Services: Executive Recruitment, Leadership Development Programs, Executive Coaching, Membership of Leadership Hive

Events: Monthly Networking for Business Leaders, Monthly Small Groups for Senior Leaders, Annual Leadership & Culture Event

The sudden end of a role due to redundancy is always difficult. There are mixed emotions and a need to manage the more practical elements of the new job hunt, such as developing a CV, identifying new roles and mastering interviews.

Our outplacement service helps exiting employees, giving them the confidence and support to face the future with verve. All can be delivered one on one or in a group workshop setting.

“I highly recommend the Career Transition Program to anyone who is seeking support for a successful career transition.”

Jo, Candidate, Career Transition Program

Become a human-first employer

If you’d like to find out more about our HR consultancy services, including outplacement services, give our team a call today.


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