Agency initiated presentation

Agency-initiated presentation means when Verve Partners initiates the presentation of a candidate or casual employee to a Client with their knowledge and permission. To avoid doubt, permission can be given by the candidate or casual employee for a class or type of position and can be implied to the extent permitted by the law.


Agreement means this Professional Services Recruitment Business Terms and Conditions.


Assignment means the on-hire placement of one or more of our casual employees to perform work at your premises or anywhere else specified by you and approved by us.

Assignment Description

Assignment Description means a description of the work to be performed by our on-hired casual employees as set out in a document that specifies:

  1. the services to be provided by each of our casual employees;
  2. the job description of the role to be performed;
  3. any inherent requirements of the job;
  4. any background, security, suitability, medical and fitness check or other pre-placement investigation required by law in relation to the job;
  5. the time and date upon which the assignment is to commence;
  6. the workplace(s) where the work is to be performed; and
  7. any other matter reasonably required by these conditions of assignment to be included in an assignment description.


Candidate is any person introduced to or placed with a Client or to another party on behalf of the Client on a permanent basis.


Client/You/Your refers to the to the client named in the schedule and, where the context indicates, a party on behalf of that client.


Exclusivity means that Verve Partners are the sole recruitment agency working with or on behalf of our Client to source candidates for a vacancy and that our client is not undertaking their own activities to source candidates.

Human Resource (HR) Consultancy Service Proposal

Human Resource (HR) Consultancy Service Proposal stipulates the HR Service deliverables within the agreement. 


Introduce means where Verve Partners do any one or more of the following in respect to or for a person: 

  1. Engages with or screens a person for presentation to a Client as a Candidate or Labour-Hire for any role (regardless of any prior knowledge of the individual);  
  2. Otherwise introduces either directly or indirectly a person (including any employee of VP) to a Client, following which that Client or a related entity of that Client offers employment or a contract to that person.  


Labour-Hire means commercial services where we, in return for a fee, on-hire one or more of our casual employees to perform work for You, or to another party on behalf of You, under your supervision, direction and instruction, or the supervision, direction and instruction of the other party. 


Loss means any loss, liability, cost, expense, claim, proceeding, action, demand or damage. 

Permanent Placement Fee

Permanent Placement Fee means the fee payable by You when you directly employ a Candidate or refer a Candidate to a third party who directly employs them. The Permanent Placement Fee is calculated in accordance with clause 7 of this Agreement. The Permanent Placement Fee will not be less than $5,000.   


Placement means commercial services where we, in return for a fee, place one or more of our Candidates in a vacant position with You, or with another party on behalf of You.  

On-Hire Casual

An On-Hire Employee has no guarantee of ongoing or continued work with the Company and is not eligible for paid leave entitlements under this Agreement.

A Casual On-Hire Employee/s is entitled to a minimum payment of four (4) hours of work per engagement. Casual On-Hire Employees will be paid a 25% casual loading which is in lieu of all paid leave entitlements (annual leave, annual leave loading, personal leave, paid community service leave, a notice of termination, public holidays not worked and redundancy entitlements). 


Recruitment means commercial services where we, in return for a fee, engage in recruitment-related activities to source and recruit on-hired casual employees or Candidates for Your benefit or the benefit of another party on behalf of You. 

Recruitment Agreement

Recruitment Agreement means the agreement which outlines the Permanent Placement Fee.  


Services mean the Labour-Hire, Placement, Recruitment or related services that we agree to supply to the Client or on behalf of the Client. 


VP/We/Our/Us refers to Verve Partners. 



CA – Chartered Accountant 
CPA – Certified Practitioner of Accounting 
FA – Financial Accountant 
BA – Business Analyst


EVP – Employee Value Proposition
TRP – Total Renumeration Package
PP – Partnership Package
ToB – Terms of Business
VA – Virtual Assistant
CRM – Database
WFH – Work From Home
DEI – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
SME – Small Medium Enterprise
FTE – Full Time Equivalent
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning


CA – Contracts Administrator
PM – Project Manager
PE – Project Engineer


OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer 
CPEng – Certified Practitioner of Engineering 


BA – Business Analyst
TA – Test Analyst
DE – Developer