Ashleigh Wangmann

Recruitment Consultant

Our travel manager turned recruiting expert who knows how to make a vibrant match.

Reformer pilates convert Ashleigh supports Director Simon Rutten in the Finance and Executive space. She spends her work days online scouting for talent and screening and interviewing for vacancies.

Ashleigh’s specialties

Executive Search

Our executive recruitment experts lead a search campaign to uncover the right leaders for your business, delivering fresh thinking and future success.

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Finance recruitment agencies don’t always get the role-filling sums right. By looking at the people and work culture, we make things work.

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Recruiting in a passive market is like opening people's eyes to the possibilities.

Ashleigh’s Q+As

What was your first paid job?
Bakery assistant.
What's your journey to Verve Partners?
I started my career as a travel centre manager, but I soon realised my passion for people and their development. I've dabbled in a few different recruitment industries, including agency, employment services and defence force recruiting, and now Verve.
How do you keep your clients/candidates happy?
Being engaged, responsive and honest.
Why do you do what you do?
People. Although I have an HR degree and could be doing an all-rounded HR role, in my opinion, recruitment is the most fun part. I get to interact with a range of people, provide professional advice to them and assist in their career journey.
How do you stay on top of changes in your industry?
Simon – he's a whiz!
Do you personally support any local charities/community organisations?
RMHC. My stepdaughter has a heart condition, and they've been a huge support for us.
What's your favourite Newcastle haunt?
Spending time with family and friends. And I've just taken a liking to reformer pilates.
How would you describe yourself in five words?
Likes to see things through.

“The Partnership Package offered a premium market approach to gain a great outcome.”

Melissa Rowe, Executive Manager Operations and Compliance, Newcastle Airport

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