Carla Hiles

Talent Specialist

With a natural authenticity, Carla puts clients and candidates at ease. She also loves her cats.

Carla supports us across office support, HR and accounts and spends a lot of time sourcing, screening and interviewing candidates. She's always had an interest in HR and loves making the process less scary.

Carla Hiles Verve Talent Specialist

Carla’s specialties

Office Support

Admin recruitment agencies don’t all do things the same way. By giving these roles the attention they deserve, we attract the office aces!

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+61 408 898 635

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I'm passionate about finding the perfect candidate a new role they love.

Carla’s Q+As

How would you describe yourself in five words?
Calm, kind, helpful, positive, considerate.
What was your first paid job?
Mail clerk for a Solicitors!
How do you keep candidates happy?
Clear communication - talking candidates through the process and keeping it straightforward and transparent for them.
What are you reading at the moment?
I’m not a big reader, but I’m listening to Daniel John's podcast at the moment. Re-living teenage memories of Silverchair.
How does your work make the world a better place?
I think what we do actually change peoples' lives, and it's easy to forget that. We might be placing them into their dream job or dream industry. We might be pulling them out of a toxic environment. We might be getting them a better-paying job. We make a positive impact on people.
What are your professional qualifications?
Bachelor of Business, majoring in HR Management and Tourism from UoN, 2012 graduate.
What's your favourite quote?
"Always believe something wonderful is about to happen".

“If ever I want to apply for another job, I will always go through your agency.”

Daniel Martyn, Premier Youth Works