Jodi O’Connor

Marketing Manager

Our bubbly marketing brains, graphic designer and event planning extraordinaire.

With a lengthy career helping businesses visually stand out and build their brands, Jodi brings fresh vision and strategy to our team. She loves meeting new people, solving problems and growing vibrancy.

Jodi O'Connor Verve Marketing Manager

Jodi’s Q+As

How would you describe yourself in five words?
Design geek. Doer. Process-driven. Organiser. Adaptable.
What did you want to be when you were younger?
I was always very arty from a young age, from creating art to taking photos and building sandcastles. My aunty was a very talented artist, and I learned a lot from her. I think I was always destined to pursue a creative path.
What does your day-to-day role involve?
Supporting the business and team by building brand awareness. This includes creating social media campaigns, graphic design, updating the website, art directing photoshoots, creating video content and much more. Each day has a different challenge depending on the campaigns, projects or events, but it’s always an adventure.
What are you really passionate about in your role?
Collaborating with the team to cultivate both their personal and the Verve brand, ultimately driving growth and advancing careers. The dynamic landscape of marketing and design is constantly evolving, and exploring new strategies to distinguish ourselves in the market is really invigorating, especially when it’s successful.
What do you believe about what you do makes the world a better place?
I believe that my contributions in supporting and guiding friends, family, and colleagues make a positive impact on the world. Bringing smiles to people's faces brings me joy, and nurturing connections that uplift others is what drives me to make a difference each day.
What's your favourite Newcastle haunt?
Nobby's Beach is my happy place.
What was your first paid job?
As a teenager, my first paid job was working in a photo lab. I handled old-school film development, checked photos and assisted customers. I loved peering into the secret window of people's lives captured through photography. During this time, I also experienced the Newcastle earthquake firsthand, which is probably a clue to my age!
Do you personally support any local charities/community organisations?
I've been a supporter of Soul Hub Newcastle for many years. One of my annual projects involves collaborating with a group of creatives to produce a calendar that helps raise funds for the organisation. During the 2020 lockdown, I initiated the Soul Sleepout at Home, which successfully raised $90k to support the less fortunate in our community. Giving back to those in need is something I'm truly passionate about.
I love helping a business tell its story, increase its brand presence and be consistent."