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Compelling examples of employee value proposition

A strong EVP is an effective way to improve your pitch and sell a job opportunity to a new hire.

The value of an EVP, or Employee Value Proposition, cannot be overstated. It’s an effective way to improve your pitch during recruitment, will save you from articulating the same sentiment over and over, and it’s usually a compelling reason for a new hire to join your company.

So, what makes up a great employee value proposition?

What is a compelling employee value proposition?

We spoke about the importance of an employee value proposition in an older blog.

Research released by Gartner found that when looking at EVP, a majority of those interviewed valued:

Interestingly, there are several different ways that companies best display and communicate their EVP. Both tangible and intangible.

This could include:

  • Strong EVP statements
  • Material benefits
  • Perceived culture
  • Blog posts that discuss work life or values
  • Testimonials that provide insight into life in the business
  • Employees communicating that the business delivers on EVP promises

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Examples of great employee value propositions

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your employee value proposition, here are some strong examples that we’ve seen in the market.

  1. Gartner

Gartner has a dedicated page on their website, ‘Why Gartner’ detailing their EVP.  They capture their benefits under five principles:

  • Be well – maximise your health
  • Plan well – prepare for your future
  • Live well – Maintain a work-life balance
  • Grow well – Invest in your development
  • Connect well – Build deeper connections

Not only is it user-friendly, it pre-emptively answers any questions you might have as a prospective employee. It also clearly ticks all of the boxes that most people look for (per their own research) when reviewing EVP.

  1. Airbnb

We love this statement on Airbnb, “There’s life at work and life outside of work.”

Throughout their careers page, they consciously use language that reflects their own service.

Things like “Reasonable accommodation” to describe being an Equal Employment Opportunity employer, and “Be a host” to describe a core value of the organisation are welcome nods to their brand identity. This continuity does a good job of selling the culture and personality within the brand.

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  1. Canva

Nothing screams valuing (and investing) in team culture more than a company work trip. Better yet, one where you’ve paid for travel expenses, a videographer to document the experience, and invested in team growth and learning while there.

Front and centre on Canva’s career page you’ll find this video.

  1. Shopify

Shopify really goes above and beyond to offer a work-life balance. They have a unique Destination90 program where employees can work abroad for up to 90 days of the year.

Great EVPs don’t require big budgets, but some inspiration from some of the world’s key players does help to serve some inspiration.


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