Shelley talking about how to Become the leader people want to follow

July 2023 Seminar: Become the leader people want to follow

Leadership is a skill you can learn.

Thursday 20th July, 2023| 7:30 am - 9:00 am

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club, 95 Hannell St, Wickham NSW 2293

Become the leader people want to follow

We are starting our 2023 events series with an in-person seminar — and it’s on a topic that’s essential if you want to improve your leadership and build a successful team: Become the leader people want to follow.

This session will be led by Shelley Johnson, Founder and HR Consultant at Boldside Consulting.

Courage can help you navigating predicted work trends for 2023

Leadership is a skill you can learn

To lead well, you need to master the art and science of leadership. But most teams overemphasise the ‘art’ and underestimate the ‘science’. They think leadership is an innate talent you’re born with. We disagree.

Leadership is a skill you can learn.

Who would benefit from attending?

People who want to:

  • Grow their leadership impact, effectiveness and confidence.
  • Develop the essential leadership skills needed in the modern world of work.
  • Build a high-performing and healthy team.

What you’ll learn:

  • The five non-negotiables of leadership.
  • How to identify your leadership strengths and blind spots.
  • How to address the pain points holding their team back.
  • How to have tough feedback conversations to improve performance.

Team discuss navigating predicted work trends for 2023

Verve Partners continue to cement their position as market leaders in Newcastle being the first to provide complementary webinars and networking events. These are held to continue to support our hiring partners and local businesses navigate the challenges in the local and global talent market.

Unable to make the event? Reach out to our team and we can provide you with a session recording.

About the speakers

Shelley Johnson
Founder - Boldside Consulting | Shell's mission is to build leaders people want to follow, and cultures people don't want to leave. Her keynote sessions are bold, interactive and anything but boring.She's known for her fresh approach to HR & Leadership. Over her career, she's led large Human Resources teams, coaching CEOs and executives to create a culture that has people growing, thriving — and applying.
boldside Consulting

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