Leadership Masterclass

Building High-Performing + Resilient Teams.

Wednesday 1st November, 2023| 8.45am - 11.30 am

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club, 95 Hannell St, Wickham NSW 2293

Leadership Masterclass: Building High-Performing + Resilient Teams

Embark on an empowering journey with Verve Partners at our Leadership Masterclass: Building High-Performing + Resilient Teams. This transformative masterclass will elevate your skills under the expert guidance of Shelley Johnson founder of boldside. With a special guest appearance from Nick White, a Happiness Coach at BU Happiness College and the founder of The Happy Human Project.

Leadership Masterclass: Building High-Performing + Resilient Teams

Are you ready to:

  • Elevate your leadership confidence and impact?
  • Transition from doing the work to leading your team effectively?
  • Boost employee engagement, performance, and accountability within your organisation?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this masterclass is tailor-made for you. We are dedicated to helping you reach new heights on your leadership journey.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Opportunities for you to identify your unique strengths and skills gaps.
  • Engaging and interactive sessions where we collaboratively tackle real-time management challenges.
  • A comprehensive leadership development plan to empower you to stand out as a remarkable leader within just six months.

Why does leadership matter, you ask?

Your business’s growth is intrinsically linked to the quality of its leadership. Effective leaders are the linchpins driving your strategic goals forward. When leadership is honed to perfection, everything else seamlessly falls into place. Plus, it enables you to attract and retain exceptional talent, fueling your organisation’s success.

Does this resonate with you?

  • You aspire to cultivate confidence and competence in your leadership capabilities.
  • You strive to build and lead a high-performing team while setting clear expectations for team members.
  • You are eager to learn the art of giving constructive feedback and fostering growth within your team.

In this leadership masterclass, you will gain:

  • Insights into your distinctive leadership strengths and areas for growth
  • Techniques for setting performance goals and communicating clear expectations.
  • Valuable tips, tools, and strategies to hold team members accountable.
  • The secret to cultivating a high-performing and healthy team culture, enabling you to retain your best talent.
  • The art and science of delivering feedback and navigating challenging conversations with finesse.

Join us on this journey, and let’s unlock your leadership potential together! Your brighter, more impactful leadership future awaits.

Verve Partners Leadership Masterclass


Shelley Johnson founder of boldside

Meet your Facilitator | Shelley Johnson

boldside founder + HR rebel

Shelley’s mission: to build leaders they’ll want to follow and teams they’ll never want to leave.

Shell has led human resources teams for over a decade, coaching executives and business owners to become the leader they wish they had, build a dream team, and create a culture that has people talking — and applying.

When she’s not doing that, you’ll find Shell behind the microphone on the My Millennial Career podcast — an Australian Podcast Awards finalist — where she’s helped thousands of people build a career they love via the airwaves. You can hear Shell’s whip-smart advice, cackling laugh and work rants here.

Shell is also highly qualified in the boring but important stuff, with a Master of Human Resource Management and a Graduate Certificate in Organisational Development under her belt.

Nick White, a Happiness Coach at BU Happiness College and the founder of The Happy Human Project

Meet your Special Guest | Nick White

Happiness Coach

Recovering pessimist’ turned happiness champion, Nick White is a Happiness Coach at BU Happiness College and the founder of The Happy Human Project – a movement on a mission to help professionals build resilience and lead more meaningful lives.

Nick collaborates with organisations to boost workplace morale and support employee wellbeing, while passionately guiding individuals to overcome internal obstacles and realise what they’re capable of.

Verve Partners Helping grow vibrant careers, cultures and communities
Simon Rutten Executive Director | Clare Ferguson CEO | Krystle Parker Executive Director

Meet your hosts | Verve Partners

Helping grow vibrant careers, cultures and communities.

Whether you’re seeking exceptional candidates or ready for a positive career move, Verve digs deep to get to know you, so everything clicks.

Verve is an energetic team of specialist consultants reimagining recruitment nationwide. With over 170 years of experience between them, they’ve found the sweet spot in talent. The Verve team take the time to get to know clients and candidates, they don’t just find the right fit; they deliver a culture add. They match people that not only align with a business now but who bring fresh skills and ideas for a brighter future.

Looking for a recruitment solutions specialist? The team have unique insight and experience in selected industries from Executive Search, Finance, Construction Engineering, Marketing + Sales, Human Resources, Legal, Manufacturing and Office Support.

If you’re looking for winning candidates for your business or are ready to get excited about going to work, get in touch with Verve to start a conversation.



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