Clare Ferguson

CEO (aka Chief Energy Officer)

The heart of the brand, Clare guides the ship, puts out fires and challenges the status quo.

Clare’s recruitment career started back in 2000. Over the years, her passion, along with great mentors, has pushed her to the top. She’s a big advocator for diversity and inclusion and finding culture-add.

Clare Ferguson Verve CEO (aka Chief Energy Officer)

Clare’s specialties

Executive Search

Our executive recruitment experts lead a search campaign to uncover the right leaders for your business, delivering fresh thinking and future success.

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Human Resources

Cultural fit is our thing. So, if you’re after an HR recruiter in the Newcastle area, we’ll help you find the perfect role – or person for your business.

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We're dealing with human beings and people's lives. We're dealing with one of the most important factors in their lives. So we want to get it right.

Clare’s Q+As

How would you describe yourself in five words?
Energetic, passionate, driven, curious, genuine.
Why do you do what you do?
I've always felt a huge level of enjoyment from seeing happiness in others. I think it's innate in me. I get to make such a difference in people's lives every day.
What was your first paid job?
Serving ice cream at my dad’s pharmacy!
What do your clients love most about what you do?
My knowledge, communication and the fact I push the boundaries. As a team, we never rest on our laurels – we work incredibly hard to deliver an outcome. Plus, we’re very community focused.
Who’s your favourite author?
How about my favourite musician instead? I'm a big George Michael fan from way back. I love ‘Freedom’. I probably play it twice a week on the way to work!
Do you personally support any local charities/community organisations?
Yes, I donate a portion of my salary to Ronald McDonald House every week. I also took part in the Cancer Council’s 2022 ‘Dancing with the Stars’ with Miss Leesa and danced to an 80’s routine. It was so much fun!
What are your hobbies/favourite activities outside of work?
Friends, family and hockey.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Continuing to steer the ship into new waters, actively contributing to our local community and personally I have a goal to take 6-months off when I hit my 10 years and enjoy travelling to some exciting destinations.

Clare was always encouraging and without her ongoing support I may not have made it back to Australia.

Dario Barbosa

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