Simon Rutten with Clare Ferguson
Press Release

Verve Partner’s newest shareholder, Simon Rutten

In his new appointment alongside Clare Ferguson, Simon will lead VP’s national expansion and contribute to a growing business vision.

It is with great pleasure Verve Partners announce Simon Rutten as a shareholder and partner in the business, effective from 1st July 2021. In his new appointment alongside Clare Ferguson, Simon will lead VP’s national expansion and contribute to a growing business vision. Simon will also continue as a business leader for executive search recruitment.

Simon Rutten and Clare Ferguson

Driver of change

Simon made an immediate impact when he joined MCR in August 2019. With 17 years of recruitment experience, he’s been a driver of change, diversifying the business offering and strengthening the reach of the brand. He has also been pivotal in growing the executive search arm of the business.

Founder, Clare, says Simon is unmatched in his area of expertise.

“There’s no one in the market, and especially in the region, with the knowledge or network that Simon has. Clients really feel valued when Simon is on the account and our consultants constantly learn from how he conducts his business.”

She says Simon is bold, honest, fair, caring and open to learning. Values that match those that underlie the business.

“Having the skills, knowledge and leadership was just one part of the reason I made Simon a shareholder, but the other part was for those values he shares with me and the business.”

Simon joined VP, moving from a tier-one recruitment firm looking for greener pastures. He found fertile ground at VP, a place he says is, “agile, innovative, community-minded and who prioritise and invest in their culture.”

He continues, “I’ve been in recruitment since 2003 and I’ve never seen a business operate like this. VP will try new things and adapt. There is a formula here that is inspiring and exciting.”

Leadership team, Simon Rutten and Clare Ferguson

Unbridled growth

Even during a period of market uncertainty in 2020, Simon saw opportunities for the business and prospects for unbridled growth.

“In 2020, many industries and businesses were put on hold. When I took stock of where I was, I saw we had a great team, charged with passion, and motivated to deliver exemplary service for our clients, candidates, and the business. The whole team saw out the tough period together and we are now setting new business records. That’s special in recruitment, and it’s unmatched in the industry,” said Simon.

With a large network and an earned reputation in the industry, Simon is excited to invest in growing VP’s geographic reach. The value of the service offered to candidates and clients is also a high priority.

“I’m looking at how VP can grow, applying my experiences and expertise in executive search across all industries. It’s exciting because I think VP already has some of the strongest verticals in the market. I’m building on an incredible foundation.”

Simon Rutten credits the VP team for continued business success.

“I feel lucky that I’ve been given the opportunity to work with an amazing Business Director who believed in me and saw that I could be instrumental in growing the business.”

“We are also very fortunate to have Krystle Parker as Recruitment Director, leading our team and encouraging our consultants to flourish.”


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