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Verve Partners welcomes Mel Evans

Mel joins the team as Senior Recruitment Consultant, bringing with her over 14 years of recruitment experience.

Verve Partners is excited to welcome Mel Evans to the team. Mel joins the team as Senior Recruitment Consultant, bringing with her over 14 years of recruitment experience with a focus on construction, manufacturing and engineering.

Mel’s recruitment experience spans the east coast of Australia, with notable tenures in Wollongong, Melbourne and Newcastle. While the bulk of her experience is with construction—from ground level to the top—she has also worked across education and property.

Mel Evans with colleague Diane Coyte

Turning down tier-one for boutique

When Mel considered her next career move, she prioritised the brand, network and service offering of the company.

“From a recruitment perspective, the easier option would be to join a tier-one, but I wanted to go with the company that would provide the best service; the one a client would want to partner with.”

Mel was fortunate enough to be presented with multiple opportunities. Ultimately, Mel accepted a position at Verve Partners as it best aligned with her values, aspirations and personal brand.

“The main reason I joined VP was the branding and their network. If I sat back and looked at Newcastle and the Hunter Valley as a community and considered what we as a community like, it would be people going out on their own and making it their own. A company that made its own community. That’s VP.”

She was also drawn to work alongside Krystle Parker once again.

“I really enjoyed working with Krystle. I saw what she did when she turned around a branch that was in a vulnerable position. She was recognised at a state level and a national level for her work there.”

Mel Evans with Clare Ferguson, Diane Coyte and Krystle Parker

Finding matching values at Verve Partners

Mel fell into recruitment by chance after completing a Psychology degree. With an interest in understanding people and their motivations, recruitment became the perfect fit. Naturally, it’s important her colleagues share this passion.

“Recruitment is all about who you work with and who you work for.”

“When I met Clare, I liked her energy and enthusiasm. A lot of the things Clare was saying about partnering with clients and building long-term relationships matched what I was about and what I enjoyed most about recruitment.”

As Senior Recruitment Consultant at Verve Partners, she will continue to support and build client relationships in the construction space as well as expand her network in civil infrastructure, rail and mining.


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