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Verve Partners welcomes Melanie Silburn

Melanie joins the team as Senior Recruitment Consultant, boasting an impressive work history spanning the South Pacific and Europe.

Verve Partners is excited to welcome Melanie Silburn to the team. Melanie joins the team as Senior Recruitment Consultant, boasting an impressive work history spanning the South Pacific and Europe.

Melanie Silburn joins VP with over 20 years of recruitment experience. Now specialising in marketing, sales and technology recruitment, Melanie previously recruited for businesses in the legal, business and engineering industries. She is VP’s first entirely remote worker, bringing the organisation’s reach south to Wollongong.

A portrait of Melanie Silburn

A business you can trust

On her move to VP, she said the business’ reputation precedes it.

“I already knew a lot of the people that work at VP. I know how they work, and I admire it; it’s the people I want to be around in my work life and my personal life.”

“From the moment I walked through the doors and first met Clare Ferguson I could tell there was genuine trust in the interview. When I met the team, everyone was friendly and genuinely wanted to help; there was no hidden agenda.”

“In my opinion, a positive workplace culture stems from trust – and that’s not something you can fake. Employees are outwardly happy and support a culture of collaboration rather than competition. That’s what I found at VP.”


Melanie was looking for her next challenge when the role of Senior Recruitment Consultant became available. As a sign of the times, she is also VP’s first entirely remote worker, while the wider business embraces a hybrid WFH model.

“Remote work opens a lot of doors for businesses, clients and candidates. For businesses, it taps into pools of candidates that would otherwise be unavailable.”

“I recently spoke to a candidate who is working interstate. The business is thrilled to have a person who checks all the boxes. It’s someone who wasn’t in the region or looking to move, so this person wouldn’t have been available unless they embraced remote work.”

Melanie Silburn in the office with her colleague

Growth and support

There is also a unique advantage to having remote workers: growth. Melanie’s goals are very much aligned with the businesses.

“Clients have already started calling me in the area. I’m on the ground to support growth in the south of NSW, moving the business one step further towards a national reach.”

Melanie will be supported in her role by Talent Specialist Angie O’Neill.

“I’m really looking forward to being supported by Angie. VP’s talent specialist model means you can work faster and deliver a better service for clients; two people work as one to deliver the same result.”


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