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Webinar: All things Australian work visas

We are tackling the talent shortage with a webinar hosted by Immigration Lawyer, Phi Vo.

Wednesday 12th October, 2022| 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Online Webinar

All things Australian work visas – your answer to the talent shortage

If you’re finding it hard to locate great talent in the current market, you’re not alone.

Australia is experiencing one of its largest ever labour shortages, affecting almost every industry.

So, what’s the way forward? Broadening your talent pool and casting a wider net.

Fantastic candidates are within reach, as long as you broaden your search.

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We are hosting a webinar on 19th October with Immigration Lawyer, Phi Vo from Catalyst MigrationAll things Australian work visas.


Phi Vo will talk through the following:

  • Immigration update: Job Skills Summit Outcomes
  • Common work visas and visa conditions
  • Employer-sponsored visa program – what you need to know
  • How to become an approved business sponsor and your obligations
  • Employer-sponsored work visa application process and requirements – what you need to know
  • Timeframes and costs
  • Strategies to adopt when sourcing talent – what to look for, leveraging concessions

This is an invaluable chance to get the information that can set you apart from your competitors. We’re thrilled we can offer it.

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Unable to make the event? Reach out to our team and we can provide you with a session recording.

About the speakers

Phi Vo
Phi is an unstoppable go-getter and law wrangling force. But don’t let the tenacity and serious credentials fool you, she’s also a compassionate and supportive advisor. As Director of Catalyst Migration, she leads the “big ideas” department and is responsible for ensuring that the team remains ahead of the shifting landscape of Australia’s immigration system and delivers exceptional service, advice and support to clients.
Phi Vo presenter of All things Australian work visas

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