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10 green flags after a job interview

Leaving an interview can leave you feeling ecstatic, deflated or somewhere in between – particularly if you weren’t able to get a clear read on how you were received.

Leaving an interview can leave you feeling ecstatic, deflated or somewhere in between – particularly if you weren’t able to get a clear read on how you were received. Here we look at 10 green flags after a job interview that all point to a successful match.

10 positive flags after a job interview

  1. The interview went longer than scheduled

Typically, strong interviews do go overtime. The hiring manager might be eager to ask more questions, or particularly interested in hearing about your specific experience. If your interview goes well over the scheduled time, and the conversation is generally equal parts back and forth, this is a definite green flag after a job interview.

  1. You were invited outside of the meeting room into the office

If the interviewer takes you outside of the meeting room to show you around, this is a good sign. It suggests the interviewer wants you to feel comfortable and get a good gauge of a possible new work environment.

Research flags after a job interview

  1. You met other team members

Like seeing the office, meeting potential workmates suggests some longevity beyond a short interview. The hiring manager might want you to get a feel for the culture and potential workplace, or quickly introduce you to someone who might be interviewing you at the next stage.

  1. They sold the opportunity

Interviews are a two-way street. Just as you are excited about the role and will convey this in the interview, the interviewer should also be selling the opportunity to you. If you leave the interview sensing their passion for the company and the role on offer, this is a good sign that you both gelled.

  1. You have all the information

During the interviewer’s pitch, they should be sharing information on the role that builds excitement. This includes benefits, day-to-day responsibilities, workplace inclusion and culture, annual events, initiatives that support charities or the community, and where you would fit in. Bonus information includes where in the office your potential department is located and the names of people in your potential team.

  1. Career progression is discussed

If in the excitement, the interviewer talks about career progression pathways that could open for you, this is a green flag. The interviewer is clearly listening to you, your wants, and your strengths and seeing how they already fit into the team structure and business vision.

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  1. You connect about things outside of work

Small talk is expected in an interview. And that’s a good thing. The interviewer is representative of the culture of the business and potentially your direct line manager. It’s someone you will want to get along with—and they’ll also want to get along with you. If you feel a connection or have common topics to talk about, this is a sign that culturally you might be a fit.

  1. The interviewer is relaxed

If the interviewer is happy with your answers, and not rushing through, it’s likely they are happy with what you’re saying.

  1. You were asked a lot of questions about your skills

At its core, an interview is a test of your skills, knowledge, and experience. The interviewer wants to feel assured you have the technical know-how and soft skills to complete the core responsibilities of the role. If they asked lots of questions, and you were able to adequately prove your experience with examples, that’s a sign they were intrigued by your responses.

  1. You are asked about start dates

Possibly the greenest flag is if you are asked about potential start dates or availability. This is a sign your interviewer sees you as a strong candidate and you can expect an offer or at minimum a follow-up interview very soon.


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