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7 tips to improve your LinkedIn profile

A well-crafted LinkedIn profile can help you build your personal brand, connect with potential employers or clients, and even land your dream job.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to showcase your skills, experience, and achievements. A well-crafted LinkedIn profile can help you build your personal brand, connect with potential employers or clients, and even land your dream job.

Here we run through seven tips that will help to improve your LinkedIn profile.

How to improve your LinkedIn profile 

  1. Add personality to your summary

Your LinkedIn summary is your chance to tell your story and showcase your unique personality. Use this space to highlight your achievements, passions, and goals. Who are you and what do you want to be known for? What sets you apart from your peers in your industry?

If relevant, consider adding multimedia elements like videos or images to make your profile stand out.

  1. Add your location

More than 30% of recruiters rely on advanced search features based on location. So, the more specific information you provide about your location—or even locations you are considering moving to—the higher your chances of being discovered by the right person.

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  1. Make smart connections

On average, most professional profiles on LinkedIn have at least 400 connections. But, it’s important you do not stagnate once you reach this number.

If you’re open to new opportunities, aim to send out a minimum of 10 connection requests a week. An excellent place to start is by checking the section, “Who Viewed Your Profile”.

Otherwise, look to connect with people who can help you achieve your professional goals. This can include colleagues, industry leaders, and potential clients or employers. Be strategic about who you connect with and how you engage with them.

  1. Focus on achievements

Instead of just listing your job responsibilities, focus on your achievements and the impact you’ve made in your previous roles. Use concrete examples and data to showcase your skills and experience.

For example, instead of saying “Managed a team of 10 people,” say “Managed a team of 10 people that increased sales by 20% in the first quarter.”

  1. Include testimonials

Profiles with recommendations get 3x more views than those without.

Ask your colleagues, clients, or managers to write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn. These testimonials can help build your credibility and showcase your skills and achievements.

Improve your LinkedIn profile now

  1. Optimise your skills section

Identify up to 50 skills that you can include on your profile. Make sure your skills are listed in order of the strengths you want to be known for.

Members with 5 or more skills listed are contacted up to 33x more by recruiters and other LinkedIn members and receive up to 17x more profile views.

  1. Think like a recruiter

How would they search for talent? Use keywords relevant to your industry throughout your profile to make it more searchable. If you have been looking to join a specific company, ensure that your profile contains keywords that often come up on their page or in their job ads.


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