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How to choose between multiple job offers

If you apply for a few positions in your search for the perfect one, you might end up with one of the nicest problems to have: multiple offers.

If you’re in the market for a new job, it’s natural to apply for a few positions in your search for the perfect one. As a result, you might end up with one of the nicest problems to have: multiple offers. So, how do you choose between multiple job offers?

Deciding between multiple job offers

In the current candidate-short market, it’s even more likely that you will receive multiple job offers. The time you will have to decide between the offers will vary greatly between companies and roles. However, if you’re particularly slow to respond, an employer may think this means you’re undecided or, even worse, an ineffective decision-maker. Taking enough time to be certain, while also keeping all options warm and on the table is a real balancing act.

In our industry, we are privy to many offers and salary negotiations. There are a few questions that repeatedly come up when a candidate is weighing the pros and cons of each offer.

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Five questions to ask yourself when you have multiple job offers

Is the salary competitive?

Money is always a consideration, and you don’t want to feel like you’re underearning if similar roles are paying more. Be certain of your bottom line. If you would like to negotiate your salary, or even other means of compensation such as bonuses or overtime, do so upfront.

It’s also worth considering that there may be trade-offs when it comes to salary. More exposure or greater responsibility in one role may be worth more than the sum of money you will lose in another.

Are there career progression opportunities?

Changing roles is a daunting process for many, and not something that most people want to do at each stage of their careers. Ensuring you have internal and external training opportunities available to you will offer you many opportunities to extend yourself. Of the multiple job offers, consider the one that has cross-department teamwork, exciting projects, and the prospect of growing responsibilities.

Does the new role address your ‘push’ factors?

When you start a job search, it’s often not without reason. There are usually a few clear factors that have motivated you to change roles. This could be hitting a career ceiling, salary, workplace inclusion or culture, or wanting to try a new industry. Whatever the case is, before accepting an offer, be certain that your original ‘push’ factors will be answered and rectified in your new role.

This market is ripe with candidates receiving multiple job offers

Does the role have the right culture?

Core values and culture come to play here. 88 per cent of employees believe workplace culture is essential for business success. An even greater number of employees believe a sense of belonging and feeling valued are important to create a positive workplace. A welcoming culture and a business whose core values align with your own will mean you’re more likely to enjoy your work and stay long-term.

Is this where I want to be?

Personal goals, aspirations and your stage of life are all important in deciding between multiple offers. It’s hard to advise broadly, but generally whichever role fits in with your five-year plan and will also contribute to your overall happiness is usually the right one.


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