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Navigating the Australian jobs market in 2024: What you need to know

Job market got you feeling lost? Traverse the twists and turns of 2024 with our guide.

Remember the rollercoaster ride of the 2023 Australian job market? Soaring highs gave way to a more measured pace, leaving many wondering ‘what’s next?’. This blog, powered by new RCSA data, offers a clear picture of key trends and opportunities in the 2024 Australian jobs market. Find out how you can thrive.

2023: From boom to balance

The RCSA’s The Jobs Report paints a picture of a job market hitting the brakes in 2023. But don’t panic! While the headline stat screams a 14.3% dive in the Australian Jobs Index, it’s important to remember the context. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) aimed to tame inflation by slowing job growth. While this achieved their desired outcome, it also fostered a more cautious hiring environment compared to the earlier boom period.

But before you picture tumbleweeds rolling down the streets, there is good news. Despite fewer job postings, the unemployment rate stayed at a healthy 3.9%. So, while finding your dream job might take a little longer, it’s not an impossible climb.

Skills shortages also continue to persist, even with the slowdown. So, critical sectors like healthcare and engineering still yearn for talent. This means valuable skills are still in high demand.


Sector spotlight: Winners and losers

While some sectors cooled down, others thrived.


  • Public Administration: This sector bucked the trend with a demand rise, thanks to government efforts to in-source work previously done by external consultants.
  • Health, Education & Community Professionals: A modest 4.8% expansion, highlighting its long-term stability.


  • Professional Services: Hit hard with a 29% decline, impacting consulting firms.
  • Accommodation & Food Services: While tourism rebounded, higher interest rates impacted fast food and takeaway sales, leading to a 12% decline.
  • Clerical & Administrative Workers: Automation and AI continue to disrupt these roles, resulting in a concerning 26.3% drop in job postings.

Looking ahead: 2024 job market trends

While predicting the future is tricky, some trends from 2023 are likely to continue into 2024:

  • Unemployment is expected to rise slightly, but not dramatically.
  • Flexible work arrangements will gain further traction.
  • Skills shortages will persist, particularly in niche areas.
  • Public Administration hiring may remain strong.


Tips to thrive in 2024 Australian job market

For job seekers:

  • Skills are still king (and queen): While the overall job market has cooled down, the demand for skilled professionals remains strong, especially in healthcare, IT, and engineering. So, brush up your skills, explore upskilling opportunities, and showcase your expertise to stand out.
  • Embrace the flex: The report highlights a shift towards flexible work arrangements. This means freelance, remote, and part-time options are becoming increasingly common. If you crave flexibility, highlight your ability to thrive in these settings.
  • Target the right sectors: Public Administration is on the rise, driven by government initiatives to bring work in-house. Consider exploring opportunities in this sector if it aligns with your skills and interests.

For employers:

  • The talent war is far from over: While the job market might be cooling down, attracting and retaining top talent remains a challenge. Offer competitive salaries, invest in employee wellbeing, and consider flexible work options to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Upskilling is your friend: The report emphasises the importance of investing in your workforce’s skills. Support your employees’ development through training programs and mentorship opportunities.
  • Think outside the box: The rise of flexible work opens up a wider talent pool. Consider remote hiring or explore partnerships with universities to attract young talent.

Remember, the job market is dynamic. By staying informed, adapting your approach, and embracing change, you can navigate the 2024 Australian Jobs Market and seize exciting opportunities!


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