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Fast starters in Newcastle

Piggybacking off AFR’s Fast Starters list, we are shining a light on fast starters in Newcastle.

Piggybacking off AFR’s Fast Starters list, we thought we’d shine a light on some fast starters in Newcastle and the Hunter.

Although, our parameters are just a little different.

We are looking at businesses with growth, forward-thinking initiatives and those that simply spark a little joy (a la, Marie).

Team discuss fast starters in Newcastle

Fast starters in Newcastle


An “innovation incubator” for tech entrepreneurs, Eighteen04 is a co-working space created specifically for clean tech. They focus on supporting people in science and tech to solve real-world problems. They actively work to help all residents to scale their efforts and move towards their CleanEnergy Smart Community goal. It’s also a hub responsible for a lot of job opportunities in Newcastle, NSW.

Star Scientific

While Star Scientific may be two decades old, we think its ambitions are still frontline. They are pushing for society to move to a new energy economy, one that does not rely on fossil fuels—hydrogen. (And, protecting the environment is rightfully a big concern for our young workforce.)

Their major breakthrough, HERO, can produce unlimited, safe energy with zero emissions. This opens the door to a lot of environmentally friendly technology, including hydrogen cars.

A recent report from the Grattan Institute says that the hydrogen economy plays an important role in Australia’s economy, creating numerous jobs in the mining and manufacturing space. So, it’s a company truly for the environment and economy.

The environment and renewables is one key concern of fast starters in Newcastle


Continuing along the energy theme, SwitchDin provide smart tech to help the environment. One of their focuses is creating more energy-efficient homes and businesses with a smart Distributed Energy Resource (DER) controller, which also minimises the load on local pole transformers. Better yet, the DER is controlled through a cloud-based platform.

They recently secured $5 million in capital to continue their tech development, so we expect to see the release of a lot of new exciting products in the future.

Yū Nontoxic

This is a business that read the room. In an age where feeling good, inside and out—and doing so in an environmentally conscious way—is valued, the nail salon Yū Nontoxic ticks all the boxes. They are non-toxic, vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free; an impressive feat considering the first thing you generally notice in a nail salon is the dense chemical smell.


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