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Job opportunities in Newcastle, NSW

If you’ve decided to make a lifestyle change based on the many reasons to live and work in Newcastle, the next step in your move is finding a suitable position.

Contemplating a move to Newcastle or the Hunter? The time is now. There are an abundance of job opportunities in Newcastle, NSW spanning blue-collar and white-collar.

Industry opportunities in Newcastle, NSW

If you’ve decided to make a lifestyle change based on the many reasons to live and work in Newcastle, the next step in your move is finding a suitable position. The job market in the region is thriving, and most would call it a candidate-driven market. This will afford you the time to choose the company that’s a value-fit and enjoy negotiating power before you sign the contract.

Some key opportunities in Newcastle include:

  1. Port of Newcastle

The Port of Newcastle is the largest port on the east coast of Australia. It’s been a global trade gateway for more than 220 years and has plans to expand its operations on port-side land in Mayfield.

Along with the normal functions within any business (for example, IT, marketing and HR), the port is home to a plethora of activity:

  • Marine traffic
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance dredging (running 12 hours a day, seven days a week)
  • Environment management
  • Planning
  • Land contamination prevention
  • Land leasing

If you secure a position working for Port of Newcastle, you’ll be part of a company that actively shapes the future of Newcastle’s economy and community. You’ll also be perfectly situated to enjoy the harbour and metropolitan hub.

opportunities in Newcastle NSW such as Port of Newcastle

  1. RAAF base Williamtown

RAAF base Williamtown is just a 30-minute drive from the centre of Newcastle. The base was designated as the home of the tactical fighter element of the air combat group and remains Australia’s main fighter pilot training program. Directly, they employ over 3500 people and intend to invest over $800m into the base in the coming years.

There are clear employment pathways for:

  • Pilots
  • Mission Controllers
  • Mission Aircrew
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Air Mobility Officers

With so many families situated in Williamtown, the suburb is bustling. Schools in the area are well-regarded and community spirit is high. Employees and their families are on many weekend sporting teams and participate in volunteer programs.

RAAF Williamtown offers opportunities in Newcastle, NSW

  1. Academia

Newcastle is one of the few locations in Australia to house a university outside of a capital city. Universities are always a drawcard for families with school-aged children as well as those looking to return to study. They also strengthen the economy of the city and keep nearby real estate in demand.

Career pathways include:

  • Lecturer
  • Research Fellow
  • Research Associate
  • General Manager
  • Communications Officer
  • Project Officer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Events Specialist

Academia offers opportunities in Newcastle NSW

  1. Community services

If working for a purpose-driven company is a motivating factor for you, there are many job opportunities in Newcastle, NSW. Several community services organisations and not-for-profits base their headquarters in Newcastle. This covers all things from child protective services to disability and aged care.


  • Life Without Barriers: provide services and assistance to help children in out-of-home care, people with disability and people over 65.
  • Lifestyle Solutions: provide services to people with disability and children in out-of-home care.
  • Allambi: offers foster care, youth services, NDIS and homelessness support.
  • Prospect Farm: leading NDIS-accredited support of independent living for people with disability.

With some of these organisations employing over 7000 people nationally, there are opportunities both for on-the-ground workers as well as operations.

Recently listed roles in this space include:

  • Case Worker
  • Administration Officer
  • Payroll Accounting Officer
  • Client Support Officer
  • Registered Nurse
  • Aged Care Worker
  • Salesforce Software Platform Owner

Community Services offer opportunities in Newcastle, NSW


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