Recruiter and job seeker tackle job interview tips

Job interview tips: Make an impression

Here are nine job interview tips to help make your first impression memorable, for the right reasons.

Everything you need to know to ace your interview. Here are nine job interview tips to help make your first impression memorable, for the right reasons.

Nine job interview tips

  1. Research the opportunity

It’s important that you arrive at the job interview with knowledge about the position on offer and the company you are interviewing with. An interviewer may want to gauge your knowledge about the market or their key competitors, for example. They also might be looking for signs that you are genuinely interested in and excited by the opportunity.

  1. Practice your elevator pitch

Once you have a clear understanding of the position description, it will be easier to practice your key selling points. Make sure you pitch yourself in relation to the job role.

  1. Be clear on why you want the job

As part of your pitch, be sure to explain to the interviewer why exactly you want the job. Think about how it melds with your career aspirations, new challenges you hope to take on, being mentored by someone in the team, or shared values. Be clear about what interests you about the job, specifically the day-to-day tasks, and what rewards you find valuable.

Manager offers feedback on interview performance and offers job interview tips

  1. Prepare for common interview questions

Every interview will be unique to that company and that hiring manager. However, most interviewers will be wanting to find out the same type of information. “How do you deal with stressful situations?”, “How has your experience prepared you for this job?”, “What is your greatest strength and weakness?” and, of course, “Why are you the best candidate for the job?” are common interview questions. Preparing for these types of questions will also help to keep your nerves at bay.

  1. Write a list of questions for your interviewer

An interview is a two-way street, so it’s important you prepare questions to ask your interviewer. This is an opportunity to find out if the workplace is a good fit for you. We’ve covered this in a previous post, ‘Seven questions to ask your hiring manager’.

  1. Be aware of your body language

Beyond dressing the part, it’s important to be aware of how you are presenting yourself through your body language. Maintain a good posture and keep eye contact. Offer a handshake when you walk through the door and speak clearly. Don’t cross your arms or close yourself off from the interviewer. Following these body language interview tips will ensure you make a positive impression.

  1. Practice responses to behaviour-based interview questions

A common interview style involves asking behaviour-based questions. This is when an interviewer will ask you to describe a situation in the past where you had to exhibit a skill or make a quick determination. For example, handling an unruly customer. Ahead of time, think of a few stories from your career that demonstrate skills you think are relevant to the job. It’s even better if the stories demonstrate multiple skills at once, such as exemplary customer service, making a decision under pressure, and guiding your colleagues.

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  1. Focus on flow

Don’t be passive in an interview. While the hiring manager is leading the interview, this doesn’t mean you won’t also contribute to the conversation. Be assertive. Make note of successes in your career, instead of waiting for the interviewer to ask the ‘right’ question. Also, don’t forget the power of small talk and find out more about your interviewer.

  1. Leave the interview on a positive note

Thank your interviewer for their time and remind them that you’re excited about the opportunity. If the interviewer leaves the interaction knowing that you’re likely to accept, they may be more inclined to make an offer as they know where you stand.


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