Lady reaches out about recruitment consultant relationship

Get the most from your recruitment consultant relationship

Consultants can add true value through each step of the process, from interview to negotiation.

Finding the right opportunity, with the right employer, at the right salary can be a time-consuming and stressful task. Using a professional, and ensuring you get the most from your recruitment consultant relationship, can be a welcome aid in your job search.

A recruiter and job seeker sit down to talk to get the most from their recruitment consultant relationship

Benefits of working with a recruitment consultant

  1. Increase your job opportunities

When you register with a recruitment agency, you’re gaining a second set of eyes scouring job opportunities on your behalf. Better yet, they will contact you when any suitable opportunity becomes available. Some estimates say that 70 per cent of jobs are not publicly advertised but instead filled through their networks.

  1. Access on-the-pulse market insights

Consultants live and breathe their market specialisation. They see the ebbs and flows of their industry, have worked with many companies and can advise on competitive salaries or industry standards. They are a repository of information and will save you from umming and ahhing when you do land that job offer. They will add true value through each step of the process, from interview to negotiation.

  1. Improve your sales pitch

It can always be a little awkward selling your own skills and experience, especially if you consider yourself to be quite humble. Recruitment consultants will help you improve your resume, offer you job interview tips and guide you on what to say and how to make a positive first impression. The consultant will also advocate for you to the hiring manager. They will be able to articulate and positively represent your skills and experience to the prospective employer. And, a recommendation from a trusted colleague can be the deciding factor for a hiring manager.

A good recruitment consultant relationship can give you the edge during your job search

Tips to improve your recruitment consultant relationship

  1. Be honest

If you are currently interviewing for a role or exploring other options while also engaging with a recruitment consultant (even other agencies) it’s important to let them know. If they are aware of the opportunities you’re exploring, they can better represent you to clients and negotiate in your interests.

  1. Communicate often

Your goals or non-negotiables may change as you move through the interview process or meet with different hiring managers. Ensuring your recruitment consultant knows your motivations, even if they are in flux, guarantees they will present only the opportunities that match your needs. Constant communication, even just checking in to let them know nothing has changed, ensures the process can move as quickly as possible.

  1. Consider their advice

Your recruitment consultant is a direct channel to a prospective company and the wider Australian job market. If your salary expectations are too high, you may price yourself out of a position. Similarly, if you lack certain critical skills, it may not be opportune to apply for positions you are not likely to secure. Have an open mind when speaking with your recruitment consultant. They understand the market and have your best interests at heart.


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